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HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. It was invented about hundred years ago by an Italian emigrant - Charles Ponzi. He created the first financial pyramid, for example he was taking 1000 dollars, giving out the debenture, promising 50% profit in three months. The existence of Ponzi Company wasn't long, he had issues with tax police; he even had prison term, after it he started over and that time was deported from the USA back to homeland.


Thanks to this person appeared so-called "a Ponzi scheme" (PONZI) that is working to this day. 95% of all HYIPs use PONZI, paying early investors using the investments of later investors. HYIP can be compared to MLM-project where you have a certain percent os sales for signed for you client. The difference is that behind MLM are real goods unlike HYIP, there are only money of investors; the later you enter, the more chances to lose.


So is HYIP a financial pyramid? More often HYIP- project position itself as investment fund with uniq


ue program, trust management etc. However among pyramids exists interesting projects that really bring money from deposit. It can be communities of currency traders, players on rates or prices for gold, fast-cover business projects etc. It is easy to find both really qualitatively created programs and sites made "in a slapdash way". They grow like mushrooms after rain. Our project is created to sort doubtful projects from good one. But don't forget that HYIP-monitoring is also an advertizing platform for HYIP, therefore before doing deposit, we recommend you to read tutorial materials, useful articles and also FAQ.

  Is it possible to earn in HYIP? The answer is - Yes! But there is no such thing as free lunch, therefore in the following article we will talk about that.