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5555214Some years ago only businessmen could deal with investments but now anyone can put money anywhere he/she wants. The majority of people believe that the most profitable deposits and contributions can be made only in banks. But it is not quite so. For today, partly thanks to availability of the Internet, each interested person has a set of additional variants where it is possible to put up the money.

What is the most profitable deposit? 

It is not possible to find the golden mean because each of variants has advantages and disadvantages. But in this article we will give you possibility, to take closer look at most widespread variants of investments accessible to each interested person, accordingly to the capital. Below you find a list of variants where it is possible to deposit and after it nevertheless we will return to the basic subject of investments into HYIP - projects.

So, here it is:

• bank deposit;

• investments into HYIP;

• an investment in the bond and the action;

• Open-end funds (share funds)

• stock market (broker or the Internet - trading);

• Forex (currency market);

• securities market;

• PAMM-accounts.

Why we decided to stop on HYIP-projects. The matter is that not each person can deposit money in bank, buy bonds or shares, to enclose money in precious metals etc. Bank deposits have low interest and possible inflation will quickly eat it before you get profit from it. And stocks, you possible will wait years while it grows. We can continue.

So, where are the most profitable interest rates?

For the usual investor who has a small capital the most proper variant is HYIP investment.

Rates in HYIP projects fluctuates from 0,5 % to 5 % and even more, and the important point - these rates are not annually but daily. There are 3 types of HYIP lifetime - fast (usually exists no more than 1 month), mid (from 3 months and more) and long-term (from a year and more).

You, as the investor, in the person of HYIP-project get a reliable middleman who will place your money in the market of investments to earn the maximum profit for you and thus avoid possible reefs in sphere of capital investments.