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You already invested the money in a HYIP projects? Or just google - I searches for a project to invest? In both cases you should think of how to involve referrals in a HYIP.


The definition referrals


Investment projects demand a considerable quantity of people. For this purpose, each registered user have the unique reflink. In fact referrals are the users which have come to a HYIP by your reflink. Involving referrals you can create your own structure and accordingly the more it will be, the more income you get from referrals.


What is advantage to involve referrals?


HYIP pay for attraction of new investors (referrals), encouragement can be in the form of interest rate from the deposit of your referral or percent of his income. Beforehand have read the descriptions of the investment project, you can learn about encourage.

Your aim is to form active team of referrals. Your referrals should be either active (involve new referrals) or invest and for this purpose you should rouse interest in them.

Where to search and how to involve referrals?

Remember that your income depends on their initial investments (quantity and amount) into the project. There are a lot of ways to involve referrals but at the heart of them is ad.

Basic ways to involve referrals:

• suggest your friends to register through your reflink;

• purchase of referrals, at special stock exchanges;

• search for referrals at thematic forums;

• create a site;

• placing the information in social networks and on boards of announcements;

• spam mailing on e-mail, through Skype, ICQ etc.;

• banner, teaser and contextual advertizing.

To rouse interest in probable referrals you should think up your own incentive programs. It can be, for example all possible competitions, daily or monthly additional monetary encouragements to people which help to involve additional referrals for you. Thus they will use their own channels to involve referrals - sites, contacts and other resources.

In conclusion I can say that earnings on referrals with correct organization can become your passive income or possibly main income in HYIP-projects. You will get money from your referrals without own investments.