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Piratcoin review

Not so long ago - namely in 2013,a new payment system appeared - Piratcoin. In this small review I would like to tell about features of this payment system and how to make an account in it.

Let's begin with starting page:

Here we seen the design that looks like a film "Pirates of the Caribbean Sea", and which completely corresponded to the name of payment system.

Click "Start using Piratecoin"

In the field Username - enter your user name (further it will be used as ID of a wallet)

In the field E-mail - enter your e-mail.

In the field Captcha - enter symbols from a picture (to make sure you are not a bot)

After that you will see the message where your data and the payment password (Master Key) will be. Save this data - you need it to enter your account or making any transactions.

Let's take a look at personal account:

As we see - all is simpe and clear.

Now let's see how to buy and withdraw Piratcoins:

From above press - Buy coins

Now we see three buttons:

By PerfectMoney - an exchange of PM for PC has a manual mode, by means of the operator of Piratcoin Payment system.

By Paymer - an exchange is automatic.

By Bitcoin 24/7 - an exchange is automatic.

Now let's look at withdraw:

Press Withdrawal (Payment)

Then Create Withdraw

In the field Currency - enter a desirable way of withdrawal, today we have 4.

WMZ (dollar account in WebMoney)




In the field To - enter number of a wallet or account where you want to withdraw your piratcoins.

In the field Amount - enter the desirable sum of withdrawal.  1 piratcoin = 1 US dollar.

In the field Key - enter your payment password which had been given out at registration (Master Key)

In the field Captcha - enter symbols from a picture.

After creation of withdrawal demand - you can look at its status in the menu Withdrawal-> View Withdraw.

It can take from 10 minutes - till 2 days.

Piratcoin is simple and clear to any beginner. Certainly it would be desirable to have more ways of input-output, but I think in due course they will add more.

For today in HYIP industry there is not much payment systems and Piratcoin is young but strengthen positions in this market.