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MATRIX - what is it?

As a matter of fact it is a financial pyramid, but micro-sized. The simplest example - James invited Peter and Elijah into a matrix. Peter invited Kate and Silvia, and Elijah invited Sam and Jacob. For James - who is Upline (host) the matrix is closed. For Peter and Elijah there is one more level, and for Kate, Silvia, Sam and Jacob - two levels. Let's assume each of them deposit 10 dollars. From Peter and Elijah - James received 5 dollars from each - and now he is even. From four referrals invited by Peter and Elijah - 2,5 dollars from each.



Table is an entry cost into a matrix - for example 1 dollar, 10 dollars, 100 dollars. In other words buying a place in a table for 1 dollar - all participants invited by you will participate in it for 1 dollar. Usually in matrix projects it is possible to buy either some tables of each face value or just one table of each face value.

Matrixes are active and passive.

Active matrixes - you invited referrals to participate in the structure and your income directly depends on activity of your actions.

Passive matrixes - the system automatically give you referrals, either in turn or for the certain sum.

Matrixes are multilevel system; it can be short - 2-3-4 levels, or long - 7-12 levels.matrixes 


Let's go back to James and his friends. James closed 10 dollars table and passed to the following level - a table for 50 dollars. Accordingly inviting two (or more) people for a table for 50 dollars and closing it he is reaching level up - a table for 150 dollars. And so on. The higher level - the higher income. Here the basic concepts of matrix system and its structure. There are a lot of versions of matrixes. Read rules before entering a project.

In many matrixes it is possible to earn without investments - you need to invite people who will invest. You will get money from them and you can withdraw or make a payment for entering a table.

Well and now back to reality. Matrixes are pyramids; losers will be twice more than winners. Therefore any matrix could not eternally exist. 


If you decided to invest in a matrix, you should note three things:

1. Readiness to invite participants actively and build your own structure

2. Define the sum that you are not scared to lose in case of Scam or other unforeseen circumstances

3. Nobody will give you guarantee that the project will work for a long time.