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vklad2If you visit our site - it most likely you interested by words "high yield investments". Or you reflect on how to make so that your money bring income. Anyway, I want to begin with own example - experience of the first investments. I thinks I will not be original if I tell that the desire to invest woke up in me after Robert Kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" in 2008. At that time I learned about Mutual investment funds, and that they bring stable income - higher than in banks. Without hesitation, I searched for " Mutual investment funds  in Novosibirsk", and found large company - "Maxwell Asset Management". Called - they invited to introduction presentation. I called my friend, took some money planning to make a deal at once (What to wait for?) ). 

Presentation gave me many new words and concepts, such as "trend", "blue and pink chips", "RTS Index, Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange", etc. We were offered some deposits - from low-profitable, to high yield - the most risky. I've thought:" Hmm, this is a serious company, office is in the business center of the city, skilled traders here can manage my deposit wisely for certain", and after presentation - I split the money onto two high-risky funds - "Oil and gas" and "Olympic" that predicted profit around 25% monthly. What was further? During two or three months I daily with grief looked as cost of shares was decreasing. And not only these programs, all that were presented. That autumn burst crisis - and that company in my city was closed. Through some banks and a heap of papers - I managed to return less a half of my deposit. That was a frustration - how so? After all Kiyosaki wrote that Mutual investment funds are profitable. Later when I read some books about investment and business, I understood the difference between Russian and western reality.

vklad5For some time, I didn't think at all to put up money anywhere - just was working and playing online poker, but did not reach anything special - without considering a prize $3,500 in one of tournaments. It is clear that I didn't think to invest in real estate. It is desirable to get a lot of money and quick. And that's how I found out about HYIP. At first Google showed link about HYIP from Wikipedia, and I began to doubt - "Hmm, fraud, pyramid scheme! Danger! Risk!". However, thousand people at forums wrote about daily payments of working sites and a total profit after closing (SCAM) this or that project. And I tried. I always liked the phrase - "Better make and be sorry - than not to make and be sorry", plus by the nature I am hazardous enough. I will not write false lines about that I was lucky enough in investment in HYIP. Mostly I was in loss. I couldn't understand how other people manage to take out their money before the project will be closed. Gradually I understood PONZI-schemes and it was possible to get some profit.

When I planed to write this article, I wanted to share me experience and experience of my partners in sphere of investment, but without background as you can see it wasn't possible. I can tell that it only the small part of one general history - which proceeded and today.

vklad6Our team is that where we came, we studing all new appearing projects. We were creating such project - where we put projects in which we invest ourselves. Now, we render paid services to managers of HYIP projects, but we always filter those projects. Anyway it’s up to you to decide to make a deposit or not. Remember fast and big income - big risk. Why pyramids in Egypt stood for thousand years? Only because tourists don’t pull out bricks. Any PONZI-scheme is meant to come to an end, worthy or unworthy. No one except the manager of the project, and sometimes even he doesn’t know when the end will come. Nowadays many people consider HYIPs as a game where there is a bit of luck, self-dependent analysis and speed of decision-making. And now finishing reading this article you made a decision for yourself – give it a try or not. And if you do, read How to earn in HYIP before.

Yours faithfully, Alexey K.,