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Diversification - for many people this is almost a magic word means safe strategy at which they will be able to earn and leave without any negative signs. BUT is it so? Let's find it out. 


Participating in HYIPs, the main thing for you as investor, is to determine the level of of the project and its administration. In case the project does not correspond to some criteria, for you it can be quite convincing cause for ignoring of participation in it. And if there is no questions from outside (design, marketing plans, functionality), having dug more deeply, we will come across a technical component of any project. Therefore, we will discuss this moment in more detail.


Today on the Internet you can find a huge number of HYIPs. They can be ranged on different indicators, but a major factor for an investor is profitability of a project. HYIPs with the highest profitability are called "Fast" (sometimes - doublers). Investment plans for these projects, as a rule, yield very high profit - till 100% per day, but also risks to lose enclosed money are incommensurably higher. Usually plans of fast-projects assume a certain deposit for the concrete term (at least 1-2 days), after expiration of this term investor gets the body of deposit + interest. Also often meets hourly plans in Fasts. For example, a project has hourly payments, and profitability in days 120%, it is easy to calculate that an investor will receive 5% each hour (120% divide by 24 hours, we receive 5% per hour). Thus, day(s) later an investor returns himself the body + income in a form of 20%. The body of a contribution comes back in the first 20 hours of investment, and profit - in the remained 4 hours.




PerfectMoney - one of the most popular payment systems on the Internet today. Legally the company is located in offshore jurisdiction of Panama while the headquarters and all service personnel are deployed in Zurich (Switzerland). is an affiliated project of Amazon Company. It gathers statistics about attendance of all sites of the world. When you come to, you see a search field where you can enter a name of any site and Alexa will give you out information about it:

• Site attendance rating in the world.

• Quantity of daily visitors and average quantity of spent time.

• Segments of audience who visited the site. For example, how many men and women were visitors, their educational level, from what sources they come.

• What countries the greatest quantity of visitors came from.

• The attendance schedule on different intervals of time.

• The place in rating of which shows popularity of the site.